About Us

Amy Hingston is a woman of the woods.

Born, bred and buttered in the beautiful kingdom of Kerry, it’s easy to see why plants and trees have played such a huge role in this lady’s life. A degree in forestry from U.C.D. followed by a research masters in forest foliage production from G.M.I.T only cemented her passion for all things green and leafy. It might be said that she doesn’t always see the wood from the trees but she certainly sees the foliage!

Along with husband Jason, Amy has been involved in the cut foliage industry for nearly two decades. Over the years, the pair have worked with some amazing floral artists and have picked up a tip or two for making gorgeous arrangements incorporating home grown foliage.

Sprig started as a family project to keep the couple’s three children busy (and away from screens!). While the finished arrangements were truly awesome, the enjoyment the whole family got from putting them together was unforgettable.

Now the couple is on a mission to share their family’s enjoyment with you and yours.

“From our forests, to your hands”