Our Values


We harvest our greenery based on sustained yield whereby we only harvest what will be naturally renewed. This is especially important for forest tree species which might not recover from over harvesting. We follow research-based guidelines to ensure all fresh material removed will not adversely affect tree growth and development.


All our painted and decorated products are produced in-house in Tralee. Our painted products are manufactured using acetone free, water soluble paint. Our ‘snow’ is composed of 100% cellulose from Eucalyptus trees. Our clove and cinnamon scented twigs are made using natural powered spices, not artifical fragrances

Plastic Free

All our sundries and packaging materials are reusable, compostable or recyclable. We also use biodegradable floral foam in our kits, since a regular green block of oasis is equivalent to 10 plastic bags. It also breaks down into microplastics which are harmful to freshwater and marine creatures – something we can’t tolerate when living on the West coast of Ireland.